How to solve an iPhone that can’t be charged

Hello smart friends! Have you ever not felt when it was fun playing iPhone, suddenly the battery is low? But when you connect it to a charger, your iPhone can’t charge it.

Well, on this occasion, Smart Tips will provide a solution to the problem you are facing. We will tell you how to fix an iPhone that won’t charge.

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Here’s how to fix an iPhone that won’t charge

For those of you who really want to know how to deal with an iPhone that can’t be charged. Come on! Take a good look at this article, guys.

1. Restart iPhone

Restart iPhone

Restart iPhone

When iPhone you can’t d-charge, try not to panic first. The way to solve if your iPhone can’t be charged is torestart your iPhone. Wait until you go inside home screen, then you can immediately try to charge your iPhone again.

2. Check USB Cable

iPhone USB Cable

iPhone USB Cable

How to overcome iPhone which cannot becharge the next thing is to check the cable USB. The main factor in this problem could be your faulty USB cable. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the state of your USB cable.

Because when you use charge, you often play iPhone you when the situation ischarge and cause the cable to be pulled or coiled.

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3. Check the Charger Adapter

iPhone Adapter

iPhone Adapter

When the cable USB you don’t have a problem, try checking the adapter on the charger iPhone you. It could be that your adapter is damaged, due to a short circuit that causes a short circuit in your adapter.

If you are curious about the state of your adapter, you can disassemble the adapter. Then, you can see the components that are in it. Is there a burnt component or not.

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4. Use another charger

Use Other Charges

Use Other Charges

After you check the cable USB and adapter charge you, you can try to charge iPhone you use another charge. If your iPhone can be charged, it means that your charger is having problems or one of your USB cables and adapters is the problem.

The fix, you can cross between the cables USB old is plugged into the new adapter and vice versa. If there is no effect, it means charge you are broken.

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5. Check Chargingport on iPhone

Clean iPhone Charging Port

Clean iPhone Charging Port

If you are not having problems with charge you, it could be that the problem is the charging port on the iPhone you. You can clean port it uses blower small to clean the dust or dirt that is in the charging port.

If you have cleaned it but still can’tcharge. You can take it to the nearest service center from your home, to check the problem.

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That’s guys how to deal with an iPhone that can’t be charged. So easy? If you have criticism or suggestions for this article, you can write in the comments column below.

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