How to show Ultraman in front of the house

Did you enjoy watching Ultraman films as a kid? Would you like to see it in front of your house now? Well, inwepo will help with that. When surfing the Internet with Smartphone, feels like the world is in your hands. Where? because we can easily access everything on the smartphones we have today.

For example, to look for a task or whatever, most of you of course open it right away Smartphone Google it and find out everything you need using Google Search or Google Search.

expanded reality

Currently, the Google giant is only growing via Google search, unlike last year, now Google search has embedded the AR function ( expanded reality ). What feature can display certain characters you might be looking for right in a 3D model? live.

AR or expanded reality At that time, it has become a technology that is loved because it can transport things virtual through the camera into the real world Smartphone. If you remember, we only saw Ultraman characters on our TV screens. Well, thanks to Google and the increasingly advanced AR technology. Now you can see Ultraman right in front of you.

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Although this feature is quite interesting, there are unfortunately still some Smartphone that have not been support to use this cool feature. Well to see the list Smartphone Anything that AR technology can use can be checked here.


1. Here we don’t need a third party application or the like, we just open the browser application, it can be Chrome or the like. Then enter “Ultraman“. Scroll at the bottom there will be a menu View in 3d, Then next Tap Look around the room. Don’t forget to give all necessary permissions.

How to appear to Ultraman in front of the house

2. Point the camera at an empty area, aim it Smartphone left and right until Ultraman AR appears. You can take snap with Tap stud Clasp in the middle. You can also see other Ultraman models with Tap the menu model below.

How to appear to Ultraman in front of the house


You can use the above AR features to reminisce for those who liked Ultraman as a kid. The embedded feature is intended for educational purposes only and for fun only. When trying! Much luck !

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