How to Show the Triangle Pop Out Effect Using PICsArt

Only with the PicsArt application can we easily display effects Triangle pops out made a picture. How to do … Let’s just follow a few simple steps below.

1. Prepare a profile photo without background. You can save photos in galleries or stickers.

2. Open the PicsArt app in Smartphone She.

3. Click the ‘+‘ begin.

4. Search ‘image‘and select’Canvas‘.

Choose a 4: 3 background width.

5. Click on ‘layer‘ – deactivate background White.

6. Closelayer‘ – Select colour – Select the white color – click the check mark.

7. ChooseSnape – here you can freely choose the shape, but I will choose the shape of the kite – click the checkbox ‘contents‘- click OK.

8. Create a shape snap in background transparent. Adjust the size to suit your needs.

9. Click on ‘layer‘-‘Add layer‘-‘Empty plane‘.

10. Add a photo of the object without background per click ‘add a photo‘-‘decal‘.

Find a profile photo.

11. Zoom in on the object as needed.

12. Copy snap Dragons by clicking on ‘layer‘- Select level snaps.

Click on the three dots – ‘Copy‘.

The result is as follows.

Deactivate duplicates snaps.

13. Select object level – change settings from normal Will explain.

14. To restore the head of the object intact, select the Snape layer – click the ‘iconClear‘.

Delete around the profile head, slowly the profile head begins to appear again. The result is as follows.

15. Merging between object layers and layers snaps, to open again’layer‘- select the object plane – click on the three dots – select’Melt‘.

16. Activate the duplicated layer again snap, move double layer snap below the object level.

The result is as follows.

17. Activate and select levels Background. Change color background by clicking the iconGlass‘.

Select a color and click the check mark.

The results are more or less as follows.

18. Click the arrow icon and select ‘image editing‘.

19. Select ‘effect‘.

Choose ‘Artistic‘ – Select ‘layer‘ – Select ‘Triple line‘- Change settings from normal Will explain – Click on the icon ‘Clear‘.

20. Delete at the top of the profile.

The result is more or less like this and click the check mark.

21. Click on the arrow symbol and you’re done. Now your photo is ready to be shared on social media.

Hence the explanation of the tutorial ‘How to Display Effects Triangle pop-out with PicsArt ‘. Much luck.

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