How to show the contact button on Instagram business account

Recently, the Instagram application introduced a new feature, which is Company Profile or Company profile. This new function on Instagram is almost identical to the functions on the Facebook fan page, such as: Support financially/Advancement, insight/ Insights and Contact/Contact.

But in this article the author only describes how the button appears Contact/ Contacts in your business account.

Make sure you have a Facebook fanpage account as this Instagram account needs to be linked to the Facebook account. If you don’t already have one, please create one first.

1. Open your Instagram business account, then press the button settings in the upper right corner (three dots).

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2. Scroll down until you find the menu Switch to company profile or Go to the company profile and select it. (Make sure your Instagram profile is public, not Private/locked)

3. Choose Keep going.

To show the contact button on Instagram business account 1

4th Tap Symbol for log in on your Facebook page.

5. Enter your email and password Your facebook page.

6th Tap OK to continue.

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7. Select your Facebook fanpage account according to your Instagram business account and then click the arrow in the top right corner.

8. Enter valid data that will later appear on the Instagram business account, then Tap Checkmark.

9. Done, now your Instagram business account already has the button Contact/Contact.

How to show the contact button on Instagram business account 3

Now the appearance of your Instagram business account is more reliable with the button Contact/ This contact.

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