How to Show the Cartoonify Effect on Tik Tok Videos

In addition to having fun and interesting videos, the Tik Tok application is also popular thanks to its display of unique and interesting video effects. One of the video effects that are viral right now is the Cartoonify effect.

Cartoonify effect on Tik Tok

Simply put, the Cartoonify effect is an effect that can animate inanimate objects. Also later in the video; it will have hands and feet and it will stagger and weep. Not just one thing; In a video we can show several objects at the same time.

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1. In the Tok Tok video, first prepare one or more objects that have a cartoonify effect.

2. Open the Tik Tok application on your device, then sign in with your Tik Tok account. Click on the menu seek, then enter the keyword caricaturize.

How to Show Cartoonify Effect on Tik Tok Videos

3. Simply select the effect by name and click on it Cartoonify. As with other effects in the Tik Tok application, click to save to save the effect in your Tik Tok account; or just click Video logo to make Tik Tok videos with cartoonify effect.

How to Show Cartoonify Effect on Tik Tok Videos

4. Point the camera at the objects you want to caricature. First, focus Camera on an object and click the button Choose. A cartoon representation of the object then appears automatically.

5. To reduce or enlarge the appearance of cartoon objects; Move in and out with two fingers at the same time. As for moving the cartoon position; by placing a finger on the cartoon. Move the cartoon position to where you want it.

How to Show Cartoonify Effect on Tik Tok Videos

6. To give the second object and other objects a cartoon effect, simply slide the camera and focus on the object. Then follow the steps above to customize the look of the cartoon effect on other objects.

How to Show Cartoonify Effect on Tik Tok Videos

7. Finally Tap the camera to record a video with the Cartoonify effect display. Once done, just like any other Tik Tok video; You can add text or background music to the video. click Next to upload the video to the Tik Tok application. Enter the caption for your Tik Tok video, then add a hashtag. click post. Complete.

How to Show Cartoonify Effect on Tik Tok Videos


By using the cartoonity effect in the Tik Tok application, we can easily create a cartoon animation of an object in a video. Interestingly, there is no maximum limit in a video to the number of cartoon objects that can be created using the Cartoonify effect.

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