How to Show & Remove Touch Effects on Samsung Phones

Have you ever seen a touch effect or a round, white cursor on the screen? It is displayed when you touch / press any part of the screen Smartphone She. The effect can help us when we need it. For example when we put a video on Smartphone us for a need that we like to be YouTuber / content creator. This is very interesting for the viewers so that those who watch our videos can understand what we are touching / pressing. Of course it’s very useful to us, isn’t it?

In order to produce these effects, some people believe that additional applications are really required. Actually not really, we can also call up the touch effect without additional applications, the method is very simple, we just have a few options in the the settings/Android settings.

To activate it we need the following steps:


1. You have to choose symbol settings on your Android device.

2. You scroll down, then select About Phone /Via phone.

3. Then select Software Information /Information software.

4. Next select version number /Built numbers.

5. Then click 3x until the words “Developer Mode is active” appear.

6. Next Return Go to the initial settings, then choose Developer Options.

7. Next scroll down until you see a screen like the one below, then select / press the screen that says “Show Touch”.

Complete. After you enable it, the effect will appear as shown above. To remove the touch effect, Tap of course on show touch.

This is the tutorial on how to enable touch effects Smartphone Android problem-free. Hope it’s useful.

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