How to set the text size in Notepad ++

So, for those of you who have low computer or laptop specs, Notepad ++ is for you Coding to create programs or applications. This application is very light and does not require a lot of RAM usage.

For those of you whose vision is not clear with sight Text because the text size is too small. So you have to adjust the size of the text until you feel comfortable seeing the text in Notepad ++.

How to set the text size in Notepad ++.


1. Activate the Notepad ++ application on your computer or laptop. Wait a few moments for the application screen to appear.

2. Click on settings – Click Style configurator.

3. Choose Standard style on options style Order settings Text size applicable for all programming languages. Then choose the size of the text editor in the options font size included in the tab Font style to your liking or until you are satisfied with the appearance of the text size displayed by the text editor. Then click Save close.

4. Here are the results. You can see the change in text size from small to large originally due to the effect of the previously set text size.


If you think it is not suitable or convenient, Text size Whether it used to be too big or too small, you can adjust the text size to your liking in the same way until you have the comfort of your eyes in the text editor view in Notepad ++.

Now you can do it Program coding convenient so that it can produce program which is made to the maximum so that it can be completed meeting when completing a job or project (Project) in time.

Here is a guide on how to set it up Text size on Notepad ++. Much luck.

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