How to set the PUBG GFX Tool so that it doesn’t lag the latest 2022

How to Setting GFX Tool PUBG – Indeed, PUBG Mobile is one of the battle royale games that displays very good graphics. However, it’s all just a fantasy for those who use a smartphone with potato specs.

Because as many people know, this PUBG Mobile game has a very large file size. So that in order to play it smoothly, the smartphone that we use must have 4 GB of Ram.

However, with the development of the world of technology, of course, now there is a solution, namely using a help application such as the GFX Tool. Well, if you often experience lag or breaks when playing PUBGM, then you can use this application.

What is PUBG GFX Tool

GFX Tool itself is an application that is supported to increase FPS in PUBG Mobile games, besides that this application can also change graphics settings to Smooth Extreme like an Iphone Smartphone.

Therefore, many people use the GFX Tool application to overcome the lag that occurs when playing the PUBG game, so the chance to get the winner chicken dinner is even greater.

In addition to being able to increase FPS, it turns out that the GFX Tool pubg can also facilitate device performance on the smartphones that we use. Here’s how to set the latest pubg gfx tool that you can emulate.

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How to Set the Latest PUBG Mobile GFX Tool

gfx tool pubg

Setting the gfx tool pubg so that it doesn’t lag is actually very easy, because below I have prepared the latest version of the gfx tool pubg setting that you can follow.

1. Select Version

Well, in the first step you will choose the version of the PUBG mobile game that you are playing. In this case, you can’t go wrong in choosing the PUBG version, because you will see several lists of PUBG game versions as follows:

    • PUBG 0.14.0 (Global)
    • PUBG 0.14.0 (VN) – vietnam
    • PUBG (CN) – china
    • PUBG 0.14.0 (TW) – taiwan
    • PUBG 0.14.0 (KR) – korea
    • PUBG (Lite) – light

If the PUBG you are playing is the global version, then you can check the global version and don’t check the other versions. If so, we will proceed to the next step, namely resolution

2. Resolution

The function of this resolution is to set the resolution on the smartphone that you use when playing PUBG Mobile. There are many resolution options that you can use, including:

    • 768 x 432
    • 960 x 540
    • 1280
    • 1366 x 768
    • 1440
    • 1600 x 900
    • 1920 x 1080
    • 2560 x 1440

Explanation : Each resolution has its own function, of course, but if you choose the highest resolution, the better the graphics displayed in the PUBG Mobile game will be.

After seeing the explanation above, of course you all understand. However, my suggestion is that you use a 768 x 432 resolution, because at this resolution it will reduce lag and cracks when using a smartphone with low specs.

3. Graphics

So the graphics in question are to display a quality image in the game. The higher the graphics you choose, the sharper the image displayed and vice versa. Therefore, before we set it up, you have to look at the list of available graphics.

    • So smooth
    • Smooth HD
    • Smooth
    • Balanced
    • HD
    • Smooth HDR
    • HDR

Then which graphics should we choose so that it doesn’t lag?? of course you have to choose “so smooth” because this is a secret to overcome lag in the gfx tool, even though the image displayed is a bit smooth.

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4. FPS (Frames Per Second)

Maybe for those of you who have always liked to play shooting games, of course you already know about fps or frames per second. That the function of this fps is to launch the game, there are many choices of fps when using the gfx tool application on pubg, including:

From the three fps list above which one should we use?? Of course, that is “60 FPS” because the greater the FPS generated, the smoother the PUBG Mobile game will be.

5. Anti Aliasing

Anti aliasing is a function to display graphics on trees in the PUBG Mobile game. If you don’t activate this feature, the tree image will be boxy or less than perfect. The following menu lists anti aliasing:

Select which one ?? actually this is what you need, but if you don’t want to experience lag while playing pubg then you can choose “disable”. This aims to improve GPU performance on the smartphone you are currently using.

6. Rendering Quality

So the function of this rendering is how you want to display the rendering quality. Well, there are three options that you can use, namely:

If you want to choose high rendering quality, you will need a smartphone with high specs. Since here you are using a smartphone with low specs, it’s better to choose “Low”, because this will make it easier when playing PUBG Mobile games.

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7. Shadow

Well, for the shadow effect, it’s better for you to just turn it off, because it aims to make you see the enemy faster when you’re in push rank.


That’s all information about how to set the PUBG GFX Tool so that it doesn’t lag in the latest 2022, hopefully the information I share can be useful for friends who are now looking for ways to overcome lag when playing pubg. Don’t forget to share if this article is useful

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