How to set PPSSPP on 1 GB RAM Android on Light

Who doesn’t know PPSSPP? Full name app Portable PlayStation simulator suitable for portable gaming This is a PSP simulator that can be used on operating systems based on Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

However, some devices, especially Android-based devices with 1GB of RAM, experience issues such as: delay while playing Games which has great graphics. Therefore, this time the author will publish a tutorial on how to solve this problem delay while playing Games PPSSPP on HP RAM 1GB that could help all of you.

Okay before you start the tutorial make sure you have the PPSSPP application installed.

Download the PPSSPP Android app

1. Open the PPSSPP application, then click Settings.

2. Next in section graphic, we click Frame skip and switch from the end, Number 1.

3. Review the section Prevent FPS. to Alternative speed we change to 0 (Unlimited).

4th Scroll down, then check out the section Immersive mode.

5. Scroll down, ie part power. to Rendering resolution we switch to Automatic (1: 1). Then check all the boxes except Skinning software.

6. Scroll all the way down, namely Hack settings, then check both boxes.

7th Next we go to the Audio, and check Sound speed hack.

8. Next we go to part system. Checklist Force the real clock to sync.

9. The final step, we’re going back to part graphic, then click mode and change to Skip buffer effects.

And look at the results Games originally delay and intermittent is now smoother and easier to play. A couple of tutorials from the author, hopefully useful.

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