How to Set Auto Macro PB, QQ 31, WP, AWP on a regular mouse

How to Setting Auto Macro – For those who like to play games on PC, of ​​course they are familiar with Point blank games, Fortnite, PUBG, and other FPS games. Therefore, the thing that is very influential when playing games as I have said above is the matter of the mouse.

Which is where this mouse is the most influential obstacle, now if you are all PC game lovers, you can now set the mouse to auto macro on a regular mouse.

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Indeed, a mouse with gaming frills is quite expensive, so many people cannot afford it. Well, for setting a regular mouse into a macro, you just have to follow this review to the end.

What are Auto Macros??

Previously, I would like to first explain about auto macros on the mouse, so auto macro is a software created by Zas-share which aims to change an ordinary mouse so that it can become an auto macro.

So that you will be better at playing point blank zapetto, pubg, apex legends, and other fps games. Well, for those of you who don’t have a gaming mouse, now you have to try this auto macro software.

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Download Auto Macro (PC)

As I said earlier, that auto macro is a software that helps to make macros. If you want to try using this software, of course, you just need to download it from the link below or you can directly google it.



If you have downloaded the auto macro software, all you have to do is install the software. The trick is as usual, please add the file and then install it. After that, follow the tutorial on how to set auto macros on a regular mouse as follows:

How to Setting Auto Macro on Ordinary Mouse

auto macro pb zepetto

Actually, setting up this auto macro software is quite easy, because you only need to understand some of the functions of the F10, F11, F12 keyboard keys. So that you can understand it faster, you can see it below

    • F10 : This button has a function to activate the auto macro setting (31)
    • F11 : Has a function to activate the QQ auto macro settings
    • F12 : The function of this button is to turn off all auto macro settings

NOTE: From some of the information I got, this auto macro software sometimes doesn’t work normally. In addition, if an error occurs, you can reinstall the software or you can also comment below.

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That’s the latest review that I have conveyed about How to Set Auto Macro PB, QQ 31, WP, AWP on an Ordinary Mouse, I hope the reviews above can help all of you who don’t like playing PC games but don’t have a badget to buy a gaming mouse.

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