How to set a job alert on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. Users can use LinkedIn to introduce themselves or their company to potential employees or company colleagues for various purposes. Ranging from offering jobs to looking for work to posting personal work to support success in your career.

There are currently more than 255 million active users on LinkedIn. And in terms of the number of users, Indonesia ranks third as the country with the fastest user growth. With this information, LinkedIn will bring a lot of job seekers and job seekers to the media.

The extent of this growth can also mean that different jobs often escape the user’s eyes. Hence, we need a way so that we can find every job opportunity that is on LinkedIn. One of them is to create a work alert as desired. Do you know how to do it Follow the guide below.

1. Of course we need a LinkedIn account. Sign in to the account. Press the Jobs menu on the menu bar.

2. Then we can enter the job type to be searched for via the menu Seek. Please also enter your place of residence to make your search easier.

3. We can select the position for which we are applying based on the type and location of the position. The need is already there Skills and goals on the page to make it easier for workers to find work.

4. Switch on Job notifications, we just push the button Job alert what is at the top.

5. To check Job alert that we have, we can go back to the page “Jobs” and press Job notification what is above.

We can see immediately which jobs we are registering there.

That’s it for this tutorial, congratulations on finding a job.

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