How to send WhatsApp messages by voice only

Are you an active WhatsApp user? But are you lazy to type or maybe your fingers are tired from typing too much? Now you can use your voice to type a reply message on your WhatsApp.

With the development of technology recently, more and more applications are being created. Well, one of them is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an application that is very much loved by various circles today. According to the news, WhatsApp currently has around 1.5 billion active users with 60 billion messages sent worldwide every day.

No wonder, then, that WhatsApp is always updating and improving all of the application’s functions. For those of you WhatsApp users, today there is a new trick to send WhatsApp messages without typing letters one by one, just using your voice.

Not the same as voice Note This will create a voice recording, but this method will later turn your voice into written text. Confused or even curious about how to type by voice in WhatsApp? Just read the following tutorial to the end.

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State :

The Google keyboard is the best Update or at the latest.

1. The first step is to settings or settings At Smartphone You then choose from the menu Additional settings.

2. Select the next menu Voice input then select again in the menu Google voice typing.

3. Tap the menu language then change or change the language to Indonesian then tap TO SAVE.

4. When it’s time for you to try by opening your WhatsApp application, tap the icon microphone which is in the corner of the Google keyboard. If successful, the words “hear” appear and at the end all you have to do is say the message you want to send to your friends or relatives.

Remarks : If you don’t see the microphone icon, open it arrangementVoice inputGoogle keyboardsettings – Choose Voice input button. If no settings Voice input button means that the Android system on your smartphone does not support this.

How to send WhatsApp messages by voice only. Much luck.

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