How to send voice memos with Google Voice

Send Voice memo this is certainly rarely done with Google Voice. Well, many of you don’t know the tips. Come on, learn how in the following article.

What to do if you are lazy to type while replying to a message? Chat? Yes, the average of you have to use the function Voice memos. This voice message or voice memo feature looks handy and instant to use when you are lazy. Besides being lazy to type, Voice memo It is also often used to help clear up conversations that come through messages Chat. Because sometimes the short messages you send are even misinterpreted by the recipient of the message, so you can use this function for clarification.

Unfortunately Voice memo what you do sounds normal sometimes, but what if Voice memo What you sent is Google Voice? It’s going to be fun and interesting, right? But many of you don’t know how to do it.

Google Voice

Now you’re more familiar with Google Voice using the Google Assistant. Google assistant itself is a virtual assistant with which you can control your smartphone or other Google-owned devices. The sound produced by this assistant is indeed unique and distinctive. No wonder you use it when sending Voice memo Of course it will be interesting and friends who receive UN will be curious how to do it.

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Video tutorials


1. You must first do the Google voice as you enter the website, then in the column text Fill in the sentence you want to say.

Don’t forget in voice Switch to Indonesian if you have Tap Submit. A button will appear later game and Download Just tap Download to download it.

How to send voice memos with Google Voice

2. Play Google Voice from the website soundoftext in the past it could be with any media player. open minded current apps in Smartphone You (can be different for each brand Smartphone ) then Tap Menu or Split screen icon.

How to send voice memos with Google Voice

3. Make sure you open WhatsApp on screen the other, then play the downloaded google voice media and do the recording as well Voice memo on whatsapp. It looks like below.

How to send voice memos with Google Voice


Do Voice memo using the voice of the google assistant wasn’t as difficult as you thought it was? In addition to a few steps, you can also add words to your heart’s content. Congratulations on impressing your chat friends.

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