How to Send Stickers to WhatsApp Stories on Android

Do you have an interesting and fun WhatsApp sticker? Would you like to send it to the status but don’t know how? Well don’t be sad, Inwepo did the trick of not having to use WhatsApp mod, you can do it.

WhatsApp is growing in popularity day by day, even the popularity is accompanied by many mod applications that offer other advantages that may not be in the official version of WhatsApp.

As we know, the evolution of the technology world is very helpful for us, especially in terms of communication, just like WhatsApp, which makes it easier for us to communicate between users. In addition, WhatsApp is also present as a social medium with a status function.

WhatsApp stickers can be sent to stories

Well, for active users who frequently use WhatsApp for daily communication, they are certainly no stranger to WhatsApp’s status and sticker features. Yes, almost everyone knows the sticker function, of course, because the sticker function was already available in several other chat applications before WhatsApp.

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Maybe a lot of you save or have funny or interesting WhatsApp stickers. Would like to send it to story but confused don’t know how. Here inwepo does the trick without you download You can use mod application or similar to send your favorite sticker as a status. I can’t believe it, that’s how it works.

Video tutorials


1. The first step, let’s go download and To install first application file manager +.

2. In the second step, open the File Manager + application, do not forget to give the application access rights. Then tap on the Storage menu and look for your WhatsApp folder or WhatsApp Mod folder.

3. In the third step, select the Media folder and then the Stickers folder, in which the folder will store all the stickers we have sent and received.

4. In the fourth step, select one of the stickers that you would like to make a status later Tap Share menu or Share symbol what’s at the bottom.

5. In the fifth step, select the WhatsApp option and select Send to My Status.

This is the tutorial on how to send stickers to WhatsApp Stories on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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