How to send scheduled emails on Android

Most of us would like to have movies on the subject of secret agents or hacker. It is also possible that we saw one of the scenes in the movies where messages from Agent A to Agent B are automatically deleted after they are opened and read.

Well, it turns out that not only can we do this in movies in the real world. We can do the same, especially when sending emails to friends or co-workers.

Well, maybe quite a few of us want sent email messages to be permanently stored in the recipient’s inbox. Such things are certainly very useful to those of us who want to protect sensitive information that we send via email.

We have indirect control over the emails we send. So, if you want to try to delete email messages from your Gmail account, then right away, read the following tricks right away.

How to send scheduled emails on Android

1. First, download and To install First the Criptext for Gmail application on the Google Play Store.

2. Second afterTo install properly on your phone open the criptext application. Sign in with your Google or Gmail account and wait a moment for the verification process to complete.

3rd Tap ALLOW to grant Criptext access permission to access the contacts on your device. Next Tap Pencil icon to start composing a message.

4. Write the e-mail as usual, but activate it self destroy or the message will delete itself. Make sure the lock icon ( Encrypt this email ) active. Then tap the icon stopwatch and set the timeout of your email messages. You can also set the countdown start time from when the recipient opens the email or when the email is sent.

5. Messages that have been successfully encrypted with Criptext and in the time setting are automatically deleted or lost according to the set time.

This is a tutorial on how to send a scheduled email on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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