How to send multiple WhatsApp spam messages with one click

Are you a prankster? Or like a fad against boredom? If so, then you should try the following trick which is to send lots of messages Spam on WhatsApp with just one click.

Use Smartphone Nowadays it can certainly not be separated from the application Chat. Yes, app Chat At present, it has become a necessity since the SMS function was abandoned. It’s like we all know Chat using SMS has a significant difference in cost.

If in the past we needed a relatively expensive fee for just one text message, we can now send thousands of messages via chat cheaper and for free using a WiFi connection.

Well, because of these advantages, many of you may have ignorant message sending ideas Spam to play a prank on your friends. Because of this, this time the author is going to reveal a trick on how to send spam messages in bulk on WhatsApp without typing messages one by one or with just one click.

Video tutorials

The first step, download first application Labalabi then install in Smartphone your android

In the second step, open the installed Labalabi application Tap ACCEPT At Terms and Conditions.

In the third step, select Labalabi For WhatsApp in Accessibility, then swipe right on the accessibility button to enable it.

Fourth step, grant contact access authorization with Tap ALLOW, then select the target contact you want to send the message to Spam.

In the fifth step, check the Accept the general terms and conditions, next Tap again ACCEPT.

The sixth step, write your spam message in the column provided, don’t forget to select the number of messages Spam which are sent.

In the seventh step, choose a text form such as Fett, Italy, or Cut Line and if you have tap on SEND. Open your WhatsApp application and look for the target contact. The previously created spam message will be sent automatically.

Complete. This way, you can send lots of messages or spam to all of your friends’ contacts on WhatsApp with just one click.

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