How to send messages with the ShareIt app

Share it is an app File transfer which is supposed to be number one in the world. Like not, this application always offers updates to a newer version that is more complete. Which users will be comfortable using. As you may have sensed, the new features have a sleek look.

But did you know? use Share it this in addition to its function as a tool File transfer the fastest and easiest, this application can also be used as other communication applications. As well as Whatsapp, delivery boy, and SMS without credit and data costs, but unfortunately this feature has limited reach at a distance of its size Hot spot and Wireless Internet access portableit’s connected. Even so, this function is very useful for free communication with additional Emoticons, and animations.

Video tutorials


Alright, for the tutorial, you can follow these steps:

1. Download use Share it

2. In the start screen, press the button begin, and then click to approve the permissions enable so that it can be used with other applications that may be needed. then Set name and photo Up to you. And click open minded share it.

3. Since this application does not use a data network, two or more people are required to use this function automatically Hot spot portable and Wireless Internet access. The connection method is the same as usual. You can choose transfer or accept.

Because this application progressed quite quickly. For stabilization, it is recommended to follow the instructions on the screen. Then click OK.

4. Wait a while for your friend to connect or follow the on-screen instructions to activate Hot spot and Wireless Internet access until the application sent or received has occurred.

5. Once connected. Click on the icon in the lower corner to switch to conversation mode. Which of these functions can you use to chat or request applications from a great distance? To use emoticons or stickers, you can symbol to the right of the text field.

And done. Hope it’s useful.

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