How to send hidden messages by telegram

Not only does WhatsApp have unique tricks in using its application, but its competitors also have tricks that are no less interesting. The trick is Send hidden text messages or we can name it and send hidden messages. How you do that? Let’s watch the review together.

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News based app text already very familiar and often take part in our daily activities. From the SMS era to applications Chat like WhatsApp, LINE, Telegram and many others have helped us a lot in terms of communication.

In fact, of the many instant messaging applications around, they share the same fundamentals and functions. It’s just that each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. As a result, we sometimes inevitably have to choose between switching to a new application or continuing to use the old one.

Yes, everyone currently knows that the WhatsApp application is quite popular, although Telegram’s popularity has also increased recently. Check out the many features that may not be available on WhatsApp. Users startedTo install that is, telegram.

Hidden text message

If you are a Telegram user the app is Chat others need to be familiar with notifications Chat Enter. Usually when there is Chat Enter the food, the sender and some too text sent. Well, maybe sometimes we want to send a message but are afraid of being read by anyone other than the recipient?

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In Telegram we can use a trick to hide the messages we send. How and what is needed to hide messages text that. Let’s see Tutorialsthe following.

Video tutorials


1. Log into your respective Telegram account, we won’t use any complicated tricks here. Straight to Tap symbol seek and seek bot @hideitbot.

How to send hidden messages in the telegram

2. Next open Hideout then Tap Beginning. Well, you can’t just use this bot for messaging personally between users, but you can also send it to group.

Try going to one of the contacts in the “Send Message” field, enter it first @hideitbot only then do you enter the message you want to send. You will see two options: Covered text and generic message You can choose one.

How to send hidden messages in the telegram

3. The message is hidden, you just have to read it Tap menu Read will be displayed automatically Pop up the content of messages that people or we send.

How to send hidden messages in the telegram


Specialty bot that is, in the Telegram application, it is indeed classified as very useful. By using bots Hide it, we can protect data protection or the messages sent by us will not be read by others and not by the recipient.

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