How to send hidden files on Android with SHAREit

SHAREit is a file transfer application that many users are interested in Smartphone. This application can transfer files at a very high speed. SHAREit can transfer files quickly because it uses a connection wireless Internet access what’s in there Smartphone. We can even transfer files at an average speed of 2MB per second and transfers can be faster, though Smartphone which we have has high specifications. This application also displays some videos that we can watch online.

SHAREit can send a wide variety of files. All files in memory Smartphone can be sent and received very easily. Files to be sent are usually grouped by the same type; B. Pictures, videos, applications and other files. You can send multiple files at the same time by tapping the file you want to send. Some files with unique extensions usually need to be browsed in a folder first.

Sometimes we also find files that are still in a hidden state / hidden files. In order to send this one file, we have to set the hidden file so that it is recognized in SHAREit. In this article. The author shares how to send hidden files on Android using SHAREit.


1. Go to the app Share it.

2. Select the symbol three points in the top left of the app view.

3. Choose settings to activate the hidden files menu.

4. Swipe and turn on the sign show hidden files. After choosing the option to show hidden files, the hidden files will be shown and you can send the file to other devices.

5. Done.

How to send hidden files on Android using SHAREit. Hope it’s useful.

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