How to send free SMS to all operators on Android

Would you like to send important information but have no credit? Uh … it must be really bad, right? When I then want to buy credit, the counter is closed and the ATM is slowly topping up. We often encounter this classic problem in our daily life.

Even if there are many uses Instant messaging like LINE, WhatsApp and BBM, but there are still a lot of people who still use SMS to exchange information.


This article will help you send free SMS without fear of losing your credit as it only uses internet data packets to send SMS so your credit will not be used. Read the author’s review on how to use it.

1. To install use Free SMS SMS. Download link available at the end of the article.

2. Before using this application, first check the credit available to you to ensure that the use of this application is not even charged.

3. Open the app Free SMS SMS – Enter the number you want Enter the content of the message to your friends answer questions from the app Free SMS SMS as a form of data verification.

Enter the number and the content of the message

4. If so, press the Send button and the sent message will be sent to the number you want.

How to make SMS to all operators on Android for free

Remarks: To make sure that this application does not take credit, check your balance again whether the nominal is reduced or not.

Check the pulse to make sure

This application cannot be used to reply to messages. So make sure to include the phone number in the message you are sending so as not to confuse the recipient of the message. Example: “Please answer no. 085xxxx “.

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Download Free SMS SMS on Android

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