How to send files from UC Mini to Android

For you users Smartphone If you enjoy browsing the web, whether you are looking for information or knowledge, you need to be familiar with some browser applications like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini, and UC. But maybe some of you do not know that some of these browser applications have very useful functions and many other functions. Such as UC browser.

UC browser is an application rummage Internet which is not to be doubted. In terms of the features available, it’s pretty complete and can help users execute. Not only is this application quick and easy, but it is also made in a light version which is even more complete. That is UC Mini. In terms of function, it is the same, the application rummage Internet. But in terms of features, this application is packed with features: Share files and apps. Which one with this feature besides being able to? rummage, Users can share too Files and apps like apps share Miscellaneous.

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And to do this, you can follow these steps:

1. Download UC Mini

2. open minded and follow the instructions on the screen. If it is there permission/ Permissions. click enable.

3. Click the strip icon three in the middle menu, and then select Download.

4. Then you will see the options Send (send) and Obtain (to be accepted). Because here as the sender, Click the Send icon. And make sure on your phone recipient Select symbol obtain.

5. After that seek and choose Application can be made. and click stud send. Then wait a while for the recipient’s username to appear on the screen and click for menscan Barcodes Recipient.

6. After the connection, wait a few moments for the sending process to complete. However, if there is an error problem, no associate, Assure yourself Wireless Internet access the recipient’s cell phone and Hot spot active sender.

This is a tutorial on how to send files from UC Mini on Android. Much luck.

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