How to send emails as attachments in Gmail

Gmail is Google’s email service that is currently the most widely used service in the world. There are several reasons why Gmail is widely used, including creating a Gmail account, allowing users to use other Google services such as Youtube, Google Photos, Google Drive and many more.

Speaking of Gmail, services E-mail This Google property has a new function, namely a function that enables users to E-mail as attachments. The announcement of the availability of this new feature itself was sent by Google via Gmail’s official Twitter on Monday (09/12/19).

In this discussion, we’ll discuss how to use Gmail’s new features. For those of you curious about the new features of Gmail, please read the tutorial below.


1. Please log in to your Gmail account using a PC or laptop.

2. Click the icon compose, then write create E-mail as usual.

3. To make E-mail There are two options as an attachment, first click with the right mouse button on the E-mail want to use as an attachment, and then click Continue as attachment.

4. The second way is to choose E-mail that will be used as an attachment, and then drag it onto the draft E-mail.

5. Format E-mail what is later used as an attachment is eml.

6. Done.

With the new Gmail feature if there is Files You no longer need to download items that you want to send to others Files first because you just have to do it E-mail in which it Files just great as an attachment.

Unfortunately the continue function E-mail as this attachment is still restricted in the web version of Gmail. Hopefully, Google will add the continue feature in the near future E-mail as an attachment in the Gmail application so users don’t have to open a PC or laptop to create a file E-mail as attachments.

Here is a guide on how to send it E-mail as an attachment in Gmail. Hope it’s useful.

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