How to Send a Direct Message / DM on Instagram Web

If you want to send Direct message on Instagram we usually use Smartphone or an application because Instagram is basically a social medium aimed at users Smartphone.

But that was then. Now Instagram has supported sending direct messages over the web. So users who want to submit Direct message (DM) to others, no more need to use Smartphonewhen they are sitting in front of a PC or laptop.

For those of you who are actively using Instagram, be it on Smartphone or desktop, then you should know how to send Direct message via the Instagram website. Do you already know how If not, please see the tutorial below.


1. Please open the Instagram page and log in with your account.

2. If you are already logged in, please click on the DM symbol on the right side of the homepage.

3. Click on Send Message.

4. Select the username you want to send Direct message.

5. If the username you want to send Direct message already selected, please click next.

6. Write your message and if so, please click send.

7. Done.

With functions Direct message The Instagram web not only makes it easier for users to send messages, but also ensures users’ security, as they no longer have to rely on third-party applications when using them. Direct message on the Instagram web.

Instagram is testing the feature for the first time Direct message on the web last May 2022, then launched for select users in May 2022. And now functions Direct message was introduced worldwide.

Here is a guide on how to send it Direct message on the Instagram web. Hope it’s useful.

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