How to see IM3 or Mentari numbers if you forget

Forgetting your own phone number is something that makes sense and can be experienced by everyone. Especially if you frequently change simcards, of course, the Cell Number is not ignored. Well, here Admin will discuss about how to see IM3 number if you forget it completely. Of course, not only for iM3 only, but also including the Mentari Card which is still a ‘brother’ with IM3.

  Forgetting your own phone number is a reasonable thing and can be experienced by the How to View iM3 or Mentari Number if Forgotten set

If you forget the number of your iM3 phone card, be it an old IM3 or an iM3 Ooredoo or Mentari card, then don’t worry about not being able to top up your credit or sharing numbers with your family. It’s a shame if you have a phone number but don’t know the number, you’ll think it’s a loan phone… hehe.

Okay, now it’s time to give a leak on how to see if your own cellphone number is Karti im3 (Ooredoo) or Mentari. Please enter the call menu and type *123*30# then press yes or Call.

In this way, the card number along with the remaining credit and the active period will appear on your cellphone screen. Well, how easy is it to see a forgotten IM3 cellphone number?, so that the short tips above are useful for all loyal readers.

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