How to See 3D Animals on Google What You Should Know

How To View 3D Animals On Google – A few days ago, many people updated their photos of animals with 3D graphics on their social media. Actually it is not a game but a feature of google search or what is often called AR (augmented reality).

So this search feature is very useful for children who are in their infancy, because they can practice knowledge about the animal world which is now almost extinct.

In addition to having a positive impact, there are things that must be known, that AR or augmented reality technology has been around since 2022. However, according to several sources, not all smartphones have this AR feature.

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So for those who want to try to see 3d animal images on Google, they must download the ARcore application on the Google Playstore. However, for Android smartphone users to be able to use the application, they must have Android 7.0 or the latest version. Well, to see what devices can support, please click HERE.

How To See 3D Animals On Google

If you have complied with all the conditions that I have said, then the next step is to follow the tutorial on how to display 3d animals on google search.

  • First, please download the ARcore application on google playstore or you can also click HERE
  • Next, install the application until it’s finished
  • If so, enter the google chrome application and write the name of the animal you want to see. For example, here I want to see Panda animals. Notes: However, not all animals are available including: crocodiles, heetahs, dogs, brown bears, penguins, ducks, lions, goats, horses, and many other animals.

how to display virtual animals with ar

  • If the animal you are looking for has appeared, you can also see it in 3D and there you can also move the virtual image up to 360 degrees. In addition, the 3d animal images can sound like real sounds
  • Finished

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Well, how about a review of How to See 3D Animals on Google, I hope this review can be useful for those of you who have read it. Although simple, there are many benefits that we can get from this AR (augmented reality) feature, especially for those of you who have children in their infancy.

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