How to secure all chats in the LINE Messenger

Storage-Fuse message Chat in the LINE messenger application is needed if we want to reinstall Update LINE to the latest version, Downgrade LINE to the previous version or delete our important chat messages so that our friends or partners do not know about them.

In LINE version 7.5.0 and higher, LINE provided a function thatFuse Everyone Chat directly to our Google Drive account without having to use third-party applications like Titan Backup.

Now LINE users don’t have to worry if there is an important chat message, now users canFuse entire content Chat from on-line on google. Here is how Fuse Chat LINES:

1. Update LINE to the latest version (minimum version 7.5.0) on Google Play for Android or in the App Store for iPhone iOS.

2. Go to the LINE settings. (symbol equipment).

3. On the menu settings, Swipe down to bring up the menu Chats.

4. Enter the menu Backup and restore chat history.

5. Select next Back up to Google Drivewill be asked later Sign up Google account already linked Smartphone She.

6. Wait a moment for it to finishFuse.

7. To return the message Chat what was in Fuse Select Restore.


Vital signs: Be careful thoughFuse Chat messages then move to LINE version 7.6.2 by uninstalling and installing LINE version 7.8.2, sometimes errors and cannot see any results Fuse we are on LINE 7.6.2 in the google drive account when we are using LINE version 7.8.2.

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