How to search with pictures on Android phones

Search by picture or looking for similar images or information from the images we have in search engines, it will certainly be easier if we use a PC or laptop. But what if we want to surf with you Smartphone? Well inwepo will share the following trick.

Who doesn’t know Google? This search engine giant is the reference for everyone when they want to find information or anything that can be found in the digital world. On google seek or google search has many features to make it easier for users. One of them is the image search function.

When we use Google on a PC it is usually very easy to search using images. Just go to andUpload the photo / image we want to find, we can find out the related image or any information we want to know about the image.

This image search is very useful indeed, but the problem is what if we use it Smartphone? The answer is yes, but in a slightly different way. Here we have provided the trick below.


1. Download and To install First, search for picture application in the Play Store.

2. Open the app Search by picture which wasTo install in Smartphone then choose symbol plus (+) located in the lower right corner of the application to add a picture. You can choose symbol Camera to take pictures directly from the camera or to select them directly from the gallery with symbol gallery.

3. After the picture has been entered, Tap symbol like a pencil to bring up other menus like harvest, Turn, Flip Horizontal and Flip vertical.

4th Tap symbol Magnifying glass below to search for related images as well as information from images and view the results on Google.

Without using the app

1. Open the Google Chrome browser or similar, then go to the website and go to the section inverted picture. Next Tap Upload to add a picture of Smartphone.

2. When the image has been uploaded Tap menu VIEW GAMES then Google will automatically display information from images and related images.

This is a tutorial on how to search by pictures on an Android phone. Hope it’s useful.

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