How to search the activity history in Windows 10

Often times, when browsing through photo galleries or important document files on your PC, you accidentally forget where the file is. Even if the document file is needed immediately and you opened it just a few moments before. You must be annoyed that afterwards you are confused about how to solve the problem. Perhaps you have been in a situation where your PC screen changes unconsciously after a while.

Document files or software that you previously opened have simply disappeared from the screen. And unfortunately you forget where the document file is stored, of course you want to know where the document file is located. But confused how. Or have you ever wondered what they were doing on your PC, scared that they will ever open your personal files that contain your shame, right?

But you don’t know how Don’t get confused or frustrated, there is a way to browse click activity history on a PC running Windows 10 operating system, check out this tutorial on how to browse activity history on Windows 10.

Activity history functions

Most PC users whose operating system is based on Windows 10 are not aware that Microsoft provides a feature in Windows 10 to collect the entire history of activities performed on the PC, which is properly stored on the local computer. Microsoft actually uses this activity history to provide more relevant results and content and also to address the events mentioned above.

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It may be very easy to browse this activity history in Windows Explorer on the Windows 7 operating system and below, but it is different from the Windows 10 operating system, which requires specific steps to search the activity history to browse the activity history in Windows 10


1. This first step is very simple, we just have to press the Win key (Windows logo) + R. After that, a run dialog box will appear located at the bottom of the screen as shown below.

How to search activity history in Windows 10

2. The second step is to type the word “recent” in the Run dialog box and then press Enter or the Ok field in the dialog box.

How to search activity history in Windows 10

3. And now you can see all the activity history on PC.

How to search activity history in Windows 10


The entire history of the activities performed is well documented in this feature provided by Microsoft on the Windows 10 operating system, so hopefully the tutorial that can be shared is useful and good luck.

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