How to schedule messages and create color status on WhatsApp

Do you want to send a scheduled message on your WhatsApp? Or would like to create a status text are you colored Come on, just follow Tutorialsbelow to take advantage of these interesting features.

Whatsapp delivery boy it is very dominant and very popular today, especially for messaging applications immediate. Communication has become a lot easier with WhatsApp.

Not only for personal interests, as we know today, WhatsApp is also specially present for business people. Many companies and businesses are supported by the presence of WhatsApp.

The features it contains are very helpful for everyone. Many things are enough to make someone feel at home on WhatsApp, including the status function. In the WhatsApp status function we can create videos, photos or just status videos text.

However text What’s on WhatsApp is a drab color, making it feel less attractive. In addition, this feature is still not available when we want to send messages to a friend on a schedule.

But don’t worry, Inwepo has prepared how to create a status in this article text Color and also send timed messages. If you’re curious and want to try out how this feature works, go straight to Tutorialsthe following.

Video tutorials


1. The first step, first download the Delta WhatsApp application.

2. In the second step, open the application and Sign up to their respective accounts. then Tap the bubble icon what’s right. then Tap menu Schedule.

3. The third step, directly Tap the plus symbol right at the bottom you will immediately come to the menu Add a message schedule Tap again Plus symbol below to add a contact.

4. In the fourth step, write your message in the column Enter your message then set the time and date in the column Start date and time. When it is all Tap the icon plus another one below. Now, to set the color status, just go back to the home screen and Tap the bubble icon again.

5. Now select the menu in the fifth step Status text then directly Tap the icon AA is at the top. Don’t forget to type text you want to create the status first.

6. In the sixth step, select a color from the color palette to be created textit is colored.

This is the tutorial on how to schedule messages and create color statuses on WhatsApp. Hope it’s useful.

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