How to schedule a published video on Youtube

Youtube is one platform Social media based Share video besides Vimeo, Video and others you can even say that one of the Video sharing platform Video inspired by Youtube and Vimeo.

On Youtube social media, you can upload different types of videos according to the rules set by the Youtube team, you can upload videos by providing a title, description, category and tag, also you can customize the posting schedule according to your needs For example, if you upload the video on the 10th while you want to publish the video on the 13th, you can do so.

However, it appears that there are some people who originally wanted to plan for their videos to be published, but had already or accidentally published the video on the same day and time as the video was uploaded. Don’t worry, a little trick the author did can help you put a video that was accidentally posted on a schedule. Here is the tutorial.


1. You open the Youtube studio.

2. Then select one of your youtube videos that has been published that you want to schedule.

3. If so, change the sign released Will Private.

4. Then you click on the button to save.

5. You Update the page by pressing the button F5 At Keyboards.

6. Then you change the sign Private Will schedule and set the date to your liking.

7. Then you click on the button to save.

8. Done.

Note: You can use this method if, for example, you accidentally upload a video that should be scheduled on that date, but happens at the same time as the upload.

On some Browser or browser, you will get a screen when you want to change the sign released be a sign Private, function sometimes appears directly automatically planned Here you can directly schedule a published video without having to change the video into Private First, in the author’s case, the author gets a planned which is not showing so you need to change the video to Private First.

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