How to say hello to a laptop / PC when it is switched on

Windows is an operating system from the Microsoft company founded by Bill Gates. Windows 7 is an improved operating system over the previous version called Windows Vista, because basically the two operating systems have almost the same look and feel and the same functions.

The Windows 7 operating system still includes updates from Microsoft, such as: B. Functional improvements and security improvements for new viruses that keep popping up. One of the pretty good features of the Windows 7 operating system is a feature that allows your PC or laptop to speak like a personal assistant, commonly called jarvis from the movie Iron Man.

You can get your PC or laptop to talk by using some special codes designed to allow your PC or laptop to talk. Here is the tutorial.

This tutorial can be used for the Windows 10 operating system or the latest version.

This is how you let a laptop / PC say hello when you switch it on

1. Open the Notepad application.

2. Then you copy the text below into Notepad.

Dim speaks, speech
speaks = “Welcome to your PC”
Set language = CreateObject (“sapi.spvoice”)
Speech speaks speaks

3. Please change the text welcome to your pc be the text you want, on condition that you must use English as the new language on the Windows 7 operating system is English only.

4. Then you click on Menu tab File – Save As, and you name it welcome.vbs, then click to save.

5. When you have saved, click on Start menu and look for the folder Start up and you right click – open minded.

6. Then you are Copy files welcome.vbs that you saved Folder Start up it, click paste.

7. Done, please start anew Your laptop or pc to be safe.

Remarks: Assure yourself user under Windows 7 you as Administrator.

This is a tutorial on how to greet a laptop or PC when it is powered on. Much luck.

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