How to save web pages as PDF files in the Opera browser

PDF files seem to have become the most used files by many people. One of the reasons is that the PDF file’s appearance doesn’t change even if it is opened on a device. In addition, the content of PDF files cannot be easily changed.

Opera apps

There are many applications that offer the service of converting any file to a PDF file. However, recently the browser application Opera released a new feature that can convert web pages to PDF files.

In the midst of today’s technological competition, the Opera application continues to equip itself with various new features that are of course useful. It is designed to make it easier for users to access the news and information they need.

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Function to save as PDF file in the Opera browser

The save as PDF feature is one of the newest features of this browser application. Using this feature, you can convert Android web pages to a PDF file directly in the Opera browser. In addition, you can customize the look of the PDF file before it is downloaded to your Android phone gallery.

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1. First update the Opera browser on your Android phone. Then find the website page that you want to convert as a PDF file. Then click the icon three points which is located in the upper right corner of the Opera browser and select functions Save as a PDF file.

How to save web pages to PDF files in Opera browser

2. You will then be redirected to the PDF page. To make it easier for users to stop viewing PDF files; The Opera browser offers 4 menus to customize the PDF display, namely paper size, margins, orientation and pages.

The paper size menu is used to set the paper size of the PDF file later. Margins are used to define the left / right and top bottom margins of a PDF file. Orientation is used to adjust the position of the paper. While the page menu is used to turn a PDF file into one or more pages for a webpage.

3. Set the paper size, margin, orientation, and page menu according to your needs. If you click on that icon download to save the website page as a PDF file in your Android phone gallery. Follow the same steps as above to convert other web pages to PDF files.

How to save web pages to PDF files in Opera browser


By using the “Save as PDF file” function in the Opera browser, you can now easily convert web pages to PDF files. In addition, we can also customize the look of the PDF file before it is downloaded and printed.

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