How To Save TikTok Videos That Can’t Be Downloaded

How To Save TikTok Videos That Can't Be Downloaded

How To Save TikTok Videos That Can’t Be Downloaded – Not only young people, now TikTok is used by all walks of life. Old, Young, Kids nowadays are using TikTok in their colorful daily life.

Apart from being an entertainment application, Tiktok can also be used as a medium of positive information. We can get a lot of interesting information on the TikTok application. Of course you can feel the benefits of this application for yourself.

We can download videos on TikTok easily and then we can share them on social media status or also for us to share in chat application groups and so on. However, there are videos that cannot be downloaded and make us dizzy

Generally, videos that cannot be downloaded are videos where the user or owner of the video applies private to their account. So we will not be able to download it in the sense that the user intentionally does this so that it cannot be downloaded

However, you don’t have to worry. Because on this good occasion we will share a tutorial on How to Save TikTok Videos That Can’t Be Downloaded. What we are going to share is hopefully useful for you

How To Save TikTok Videos That Can’t Be Downloaded

As we all know, we can easily download other people’s TikTok videos and then share them on other social media. Just press the video, several options will appear, namely save the video, save, report, and not interested

On videos that are private, there will usually be no save video option. You can only use the save menu for later you watch back. It is not saved in your gallery. Only saved on your TikTok account and you can watch it later

How to Download Private TikTok Videos

By reading this article to the end, you will find a solution to get private videos on TikTok. Once again we tell you if the video cannot be downloaded or there is no option to save the video because the account is private.

It’s not because your account is private, it’s because the video selector account whose video you will download is private. For that you have to use another way so you can have the video. We will describe other methods here.

  • The first step you have to do is please download the screen recording application
  • This time we provide recommendations for the Xrecorder application
  • You can get or download it on the play store or app store
  • After you download and install, please open the application, it will appear on the main screen of your cellphone
  • Then please search for the TikTok video that you want to download
  • When you open the video, you have to record the screen too
  • So the video that you will get is the screen recording
  • For picture and sound quality will remain clear

If that’s what we can inform and share with you about tips for downloading TikTok videos that are private or cannot be downloaded. Hopefully what we share is useful and also useful for you.

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In addition to how to download TikTok videos that cannot be downloaded, you can also read other information about the TikTok application. There has been a lot of discussion about the TikTok application. Hopefully the information we share is useful for you

That’s all and we thank you for your participation in listening and reading reviews about How to Save TikTok Videos That Can’t Be Downloaded to the end. Hope you find a solution to your problem.

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