How to save internet quotas in the Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is Browser created by Google, which we can use for free. Google Chrome has Add-ons to like Browser Mozilla Firefox. By using Add-ons We can add features that are not in the settings Originally Google Chrome.

Add-ons is a tool used to add certain functions to the program Browser. Add-ons enables content to be changed and modified to meet specific user requirements, e.g. Browser.

on Browser Our Google Chrome can also save on the spending on internet allotments, so that we can maximize the use of the internet allotment, especially for internet users who are still restricted with data packet allotments. This is how you save contingents Browser Google Chrome.

This tutorial is intended for PC or laptop users.

1. Run Browser Google Chrome.

2. Then download Add-ons Data saver in the Chrome Web Store.

3. Select the button Add to Chrome.

4. then you will see Pop up, Selection button Add extension.

5. Wait for the process download and install, when it’s done it will be visible symbol Data saving mode on menu Google Chrome browser bar.

6. To activate it, click on symbol Data saver and Check the data saver.

You can see statically how much quota has been used and how much quota you were able to save,

The results can be derived from the use of data (Data consumption) 109.4 MB and saved or Internet quota (Data savings) 6.8 MB.

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