How to safely remove an external drive from a computer

You must have experienced something like this; moment Flash drive or external harD. journey she Extinguish but nothing from the USB stick pophigh which states that this is safe. When you take it off Harbor before Windows declares this to be safe it would be very dangerous Flash drive or external hard drive She. This can lead to Files corrupt, even destructive External drive self.

Below are a number of safe ways you can let go external storage She:

1. Use tools Windows standard

Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the notification panel and select device who wantsExtinguish. Wait for a message in the form of. appears Pop up. If the message says “This device is currently in use,” you must go to the next step.

2. Find out which programs are running above Flash drive

Check whether applications or documents are still active from device that. For example, if you are opening a Microsoft Word document, close the application. Because sometimes the computer still recognizes the document as the active document even though you closed the document while the application is still running. And in some cases, closing File Explorer can aid the process Remove device from journey.

3. Use Third Party Utilities

There are some free programs that have some function to work around this, but in fact they don’t work the way they should. However, the author recommends USB Safely Remove which, although paid for after 30 days of free trial, overcomes this problem very reliably. If you To install This program replaces the function of the standard Windows hardware removal tool. But if this program can’t remove safely At journey, it will tell you the cause and offer you options to help.

4. Sign out and log in

Log out You can close all of them from your account Files and currently open applications, including Files or the application you are going through External drive. But this method can be time consuming and cumbersome because you have toto save and close all Files that. If you log in back, you have to unlock all of them Filesit is repeating. This method may not work, especially if you have an account user others are active, so External drive still the previous process.

5. Switch off the PCThis is the most powerful way and it always works, even if it takes a lot of time. Simply switch off the PC, let go External drive and Boots reset your computer.

Much luck! If you have any other more helpful tips or questions, please fill them out in the comments section below.

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