How to run HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files with Notepad ++

Notepad ++ functions

Apparently, this Notepad ++ application can run or run multiple programming languages ​​resulting from the input Coding She. One of them is a web programming language that includes HTML, CSS, and JS. So you don’t have to use apps or software additional files to run the program.

The author will provide instructions on how to run the program Coding Web (HTML, CSS, JS) with Notepad ++. So the RAM usage of your computer or laptop will definitely decrease when you are not using it software Additive.

How to run a web coding program (HTML, CSS, JS) with Notepad ++.

How to run HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files with Notepad ++

1. Activate the Notepad ++ application on your computer or laptop. Wait a few moments for the application screen to appear.

2. Click on open file. Select a data file that contains. contains Coding what you want execution. Then click on Open minded.

3. Click on Runs – Select Start in (name of web browser application). on Start in It has 4 web apps Browser which you can use by choosing one of them. Wait a while for the web application to open Browser the result of your choice.

Functions start in, it doesn’t work if web app Browser not yet on your computer or laptop.

4. Here are the results from the web Browser Mozilla.



When the Notepad ++ application has no functionality on your computer or laptop Start in. Please install Plugins or Update included in Notepad ++.

So, you can also run the web program file by comparing between a web Browser with web Browser Another. Sometimes there is supporting script code on the web Browser Chrome but it doesn’t support IE web browser so it doesn’t happen responsive to various web applications Browser.

This is a tutorial for running HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files with Notepad ++. Much luck.

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