How to Run Android Apk Applications on Google Chrome Browser

Good news for lovers of the Android operating system as this operating system can now be run in the Google Chrome browser. With the rapid development of the Android operating system, it can now be run without the use of a smartphone.

When we want to run Android applications on a desktop computer, we usually need large and highly specified emulator software, and now we can run Android applications directly from the Google Chrome browser without a Bluestack emulator or other software emulator.

In order to be able to run Android applications on the Chrome browser, a plugin called ARC Welder must be installed, even if it is still a beta version, it can at least be messenger applications such as LINE, WhatsApp, BBM, Path, Instagram and others run applications.

How to Run Android Apk Applications on Google Chrome Browser

This method can be used in the Google Chrome browser for Windows, Linux and OS X.

1. Update the Google Chrome browser to the latest version.

2. Install the ARC Welder plugin from the Chrome webshop. Click Add to Chrome.

Click Add to add.

3. Run the ARC welder.

4. Click Select to open the Android app (apk).

5. Select the saved APK folder.

6. Click Add APK and select APK. how to get an Android application in the form of an APK read here “How to Download APK from PC / Laptop Computer Browser”.

7. Here the author is trying to run the Path Messenger application. Select “Start App”.

Messenger applications can run normally on arc welding devices such as Path, Instagram, WhatsApp, BBM or LINE.

Arc Welder uses the Android 4.4 Kitkat operating system.

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