How to rotate / rotate pictures in Microsoft Word

Image is one of the media that combines points, lines, fields and colors that are useful for depicting something visible. This image can be a poster, icon, logo, painting, etc. Sometimes this image can be used as a medium of indirect communication. For example pictures about cleanliness or pictures about plants.

Microsoft Word is an application that is widely used to create a worksheet or document. The operating system that is widely used by laptops is Windows, so Microsoft itself adds Ms. Office as an application to aid the work of its users. Microsoft Word can create a slogan or poster by pasting a picture on a worksheet in Microsoft Word.

Apparently the pictures contained in the worksheet can be rotated or rotated in Microsoft Word turn the picture so that you can get the results according to your liking or needs. The author will provide a tutorial on how to rotate pictures in Microsoft Word.

How to rotate / rotate pictures in microsoft word.


1. Open the app Microsoft Office Word on your computer or laptop.

2. Choose Empty documents to create a new document. Wait a moment for the worksheet display to appear.

3. Click the tab INSERTION – click pictures to select an image (image) what is desired.

4. Choose the picture that suits you. click insertion. Wait a few moments for the picture to appear.

5. Click the tab FORMATS – click Turn – Click the type option Turn as required. Wait a moment for the picture to change.

6. Here are the results.


Now you can create a loop or turn Image in Microsoft Word.

This is the tutorial how to play / turn Image in Microsoft Word. Much luck.

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