How to root Xiaomi Mi4i MIUI Global

Of course, for Xiaomi Mi4i users who updated the ROM to MIUI 7.1 Global, those who previously rooted will disappear and return to normal. For this we have to root again, earlier the MIUI 7.0 version was able to root with the King root application, but now it cannot and cannot Updateit’s from King Root again.

Update: how to root Xiaomi Mi4i MIUI Global

Brief Explanation of Root, Root is an administrator account in the Android operating system that has absolute power to access and execute all files, commands, the system and the kernel. Essentially, root has full access to change, delete, add, and even corrupt anything in the Android system.

To be able to root on Mi4i MIUI Global we can root with the following tutorial:



1. Fuse Android deal with things that are not wanted first.

2. Download

3. Save the file in the internal memory and do not unzip it.

4. Then enter TWRP, select the installation menu and navigate to the file where you saved it.

5. “Swipe to confirm flashing / installing“(Slide aside) to install the zip file.

6. If so, then start anew. (Reboot process a little long, please be patient and wait).

7. If you saw on the screen that there is a SuperSU application available, or please install SuperSU.

8. Done.

To check whether it has been successfully rooted or not, please use the root checker and a Supersu application will be installed.


Download SuperSU

How to uproot Xiaomi Mi4i MIUI 7.1

1. Open the SuperSU app.

2. Enter the SuperSU settings menu.

3. Swipe down and select the full unroot menu.

4. Wait for the process to complete.

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