How to Root Android Using the Latest Magisk

What’s this ROOT ? in Indonesian ROOT it is the root. So what is meant by ROOT Here the user gets full control or access to Smartphone Android belongs to him and can do what he wants, e.g. B. Change the look of your Android.

In this tutorial, the author shares how to root Android with magisk. Why with magisk ? why not use it great SU ?

Quote from the official site Magisk on Github, has the definition:

“The universal system-less interface to create a modified mask of the system without changing the system itself.”

Or if in Indonesian:

“Universal systemless interface to create a modified mask of the system without changing the system itself.”

Basically, this Magisk can change the Android system, but not directly on the system. If there is a boot loop or something undesirable, it is not necessary blinking For your Android, just uninstall magisk via TWRP. Oh yes, this Magisk also has a lot of features like:

  • Magical skin, its function is to hide the root status of banking apps.
  • Modules, Its function is to manage Module optimizations, as well as install module from HP memory
  • Downloads, Its function is to download different types Module optimizations from the Magisk directory directory
  • systemless hosts, Ad blocking feature

How to root Android with Magisk:

1. First, make sure you have installed TWRP. Also Read: How To Install TWRP On The Latest Android

First, download the magisk manager.apk application from the official website down

2. After in download, just open it and if there is still a chakra sign just choose Install.

3. Select Install again.

4. So here on the author’s mobile phone there are 3 options, since the author has previously installed magisk. If you are new just select Download the zip file, it will be saved in a folder later downloads.

5. After successful download, then start anew Your cell phone to TWRP. Select the installation menu.

6. Swipe down a little and find the SD card folder.

7. Then search again in the folder for the Magisk zip file downloads.

8. Select, then slide right to install.

9. Wait a while and if it is successful immediately start anew only.

10. Go back to Magisk Manager and see if it is enabled or not.

Complete. This is the tutorial on how to root with Magisk. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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