How to restrict the use of Windows laptops / PCs

The more fun you play on PC, the more you will forget how much time you spent playing PC when you are playing on PC iCafe maybe you will be reminded with the system invoice installed on each computer and you are limited to playing on that PC.

Use invoiceSince, you must have at least 2 PCs server and client, but if you don’t want to go the hard way, maybe you can use an app notepad already installed on your PC, with this notepad you can limit the playing time of your PC, e.g. B. after 2 hours when you turn on your PC, your PC will turn off automatically, here is the tutorial.


1. Open your Notepad application and enter this text in Notepad.

Shutdown / s / t 7200 / c “Laptop usage limit for 2 hours”

Information: You can change the time you want by changing 7200 Enter the desired time in seconds, for example 3600 for 1 hour, and you can also change the short message in the code.

2. Then you are to save with file format .Bat, for example 1 hour bat

3. Then on the results of saving the program, you Copy the file.

4. You click Start menu – All Programs – Startup Right click on the folder Start up and click Open minded.

5. Then you are Insert in this folder.

6. Done.

Remarks: When you turn on your laptop, the programs you save in the folder automatically open Start up earlier will run by the operating system and your laptop will turn off after the hours specified in the first phase.

To return to normal or Originally, just delete the previously copied file.

This is a tutorial on how to restrict the use of a Windows laptop or PC. Much luck.

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