How to restrict apps running in the background on Xiaomi

One of the problems that users often face Smartphone is a battery that is less durable or does not last long, in fact it is often complained about by most of the users Smartphone not only in Indonesia, but also worldwide. It is for this reason that apps were developed to save energy, but often apps like this are not very effective at saving energy.

One way to save battery power is to limit background activities that you think are less important. For you users Smartphone Xiaomi, there is a special menu for setting the system Smartphone more in-depth or more precise, including the cessation of background activities. Here are a few steps you can take to limit background activity Smartphone Xiaomi saves RAM and battery.


1. Open the settings menu / settings – then select the menu About Phone / Via phone.

2. Then Tap MIUI version 5 times or until the text (you are already a developer) appears – then return to the main settings menu.

3. Select the menu Additional Settings / Additional settings – then select the Developer Options menu / Developer options.

4th Scroll Low.

5. Tap Background process limit / Limits of the background process. There are various setting options, but the author recommends not to select a background process, as it is to be feared that there will be problems or unwanted changes in the settings. Smartphone She. The author suggests selecting a maximum of 4 background processes / 4 processes at most.

Please note that this settings menu is a setting provided by the manufacturer for testing purposes.

That’s enough for a tutorial article on limiting background activity Smartphone Xiaomi in full. Hope it’s useful.

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