How to Restore Lost Files Permanently on a Flashdisk (100% Works!)

Hello smart friends, surely you have never realized that your important files on your computer are just deleted, especially when you check the Recycle Bin they are no longer there. It sure makes you dizzy right? But calm down, you can restore deleted files on computer permanently.

Well, it’s not only on computers that sometimes important files are deleted. Surely you have also experienced permanently deleted files on the flash. Calm! There is also a way to restore permanently lost files on a flash drive. Come on, just take a look, guys!

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Permanently Lost Files on Flashdisk? Here’s How to Recover Lost Files!

Well, this time review how to restore permanently lost files on flash. So, watch carefully, guys..

How to Restore Deleted Files on Flash Using ‘PC Inspector Deleted Files’

  • First, download and install software PC Inspector Deleted Files. Don’t forget to connect the flash drive to your PC too!

PC Inspector Software Deleted Files

  • Second, after that run the software > Then click icon directory search or can press ‘Ctrl + O‘ on the keyboard.

Select the Directory Search Icon

  • Third, after that click your flash directory. For example here clickWindows drive H:> Then click knob ‘Rescan Drive‘ and click knob ‘Yes> Next click menus’Logical Drive‘.

Choose Logical Drive

  • Third, then click back flash drive > Then click knob ‘Rescan Drives‘.

Select Rescan Drives

  • Fourth, then click icon Save > Then clickdeleted> Then select and click the deleted folder or file on your flash 2 times.

Select Delete

  • Fifth, then select a place or directory to restore the deleted files. For example here select ‘Desktop> Then click icon green tick.

Select Directory to Recover Deleted Files

So, how are you smart? You already know how to restore lost data on a flash drive permanently. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, write them in the comments column below, okay?

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