How to restore deleted default shortcuts for the Xiaomi application

Are you a Xiaomi user? Are you looking for a way to restore app shortcuts? Smartphone did you accidentally delete? Well you are in the right place. This time, inwepo offers an easy way to restore deleted application shortcuts on Xiaomi phones.

In this day and age, a lot of smartphones have popped up. There are many manufacturers Smartphone who compete to create Smartphone Flagship with various advanced features embedded in it.

But no matter how well the functions in a Smartphone all of them have advantages and disadvantages that may be important to their users. Well, one of the producers Smartphone which is especially widespread in Indonesia Smartphone Xiaomi.

Smartphone Made by bamboo curtain land, showcasing a cellular product with above average specifications but at an affordable price. So don’t be surprised if a lot of fans. Back to the title above if you are also one of the Xiaomi mobile users and don’t know how to get back connections accidentally deleted. Below we have inwepo. provided Tutorials Completely.

Video tutorials


1. First step, download and To install Shortcut Creator application on the Google Play Store first.

2. In the second step, open the application and then select the menu use then enter it in the search field connections the deleted application. Cleaning staff, for example.

3. Third step Tap App activity then tap symbol play try connections which are used.

4. Step four if you have Tap symbol plus that is then at the top Tap menu To the launcher.

The second way without applicationsI

1. The first step, just search and select the Security menu or safety on your Xiaomi phone. Next Tap symbol Gear or Settings in the upper left corner.

2. Second step, Tap Manage shortcuts menu then slide the menu right to view it connections on which you want to show Launcher or Home screen.

This is the tutorial on how to go back connections Deleted standard Xiaomi apps. Hope it’s useful.

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