How to Reset Whatsapp Account To Return To Activation Screen

How to Reset WhatsApp Account — WhatsApp is a very popular social media application. This is proven by the increasing number of people who download and install the WhatsApp application on their Android phones or on their iPhones. Not only that, WhatsApp is now a cross-platform application that can be used on a PC or on WhatsApp Web. Indeed, WhatsApp underwent a very significant change after being acquired by Facebook. Read also: How to Hack WhatsApp with Barcode.

WhatsApp is a very popular social media application How to Reset WhatsApp Account To Return to Activation Screen

If you use WhatsApp, of course, every day you will always be involved with text messages, photos and videos. These messages if you leave it will continue to add and grow. So, the WhatsApp application will take up a lot of space in your storage. Well if this happens to your cellphone then you must know how to reset a WhatsApp account so that it can be started from scratch again. If you have reset your WhatsApp account then you can register with the same number or a different one from your cellphone. The advantage of this WhatsApp reset is that it will clear all messages and only your group will be left without any annoying chats. The condition for resetting a WhatsApp account until it is clean is not to select yes when there is an option to find a WhatsApp backup.

Here’s How to Reset WhatsApp Account Easily

Using multiple phones and want to wish Whatsapp back to the activation screen on your Android device? Here is how you can do it. First and foremost, to make sure what I want to show you is, you will reset/reset your Whatsapp account and display an activation screen just like in the beginning.

  1. Now open your cellphone first. Immediately go to the HP Settings chapter.
  2. Then, look for the chapter Application.
  3. From the list of applications that appears. Next, search for apps WhatsApp.
  4. Tap WhatsApp. On the page that opens, please tap Clear Data.
  5. Don’t forget to keep the cache from being messy on your cellphone, immediately restart your cellphone.
With the method above, you have successfully reset your WhatsApp application to its original state. The account on your WhatsApp will be deleted automatically. If you want to use WhatsApp again on your cellphone. Then you have to register from the beginning with your cellphone number. That’s easy way to reset WhatsApp account to initial settings. Hope you can do it. That’s it. Read also: WhatsApp Web can’t be opened on iPhone and iPad, this is the solution.

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