How to report someone else’s Youtube channel

In May 2022, Susan Wojcicki, as CEO of Youtube, said if platformit already has 1.8 billion registered users or whoever Sign up Every month. The number of 1.8 billion users does not include users who watch videos without Sign up or register an account.

In relation to Susan’s statement, this means that the number of YouTube users has currently reached billions. That said, there are many channel Scattered on Youtube, that’s good channel both positive and negative.

criteria channel Negative:

  • Harassment and Bullying.
  • Impersonation.
  • Threats of violence.
  • Too bad children.
  • Words that encourage hatred towards a group.
  • Spam and Fraud.
  • Discuss the privacy of others.

If you find channel negative as mentioned above, please report it to Youtube so that it is stopped or banned immediately.forbidden. To report this, please follow the tutorial below.


1. Please Sign up to Youtube.

2. Search channel you want to report.

3. When you find it, please click on the section Above or over.

4. Click the flag icon, then select Report User.

5. Select the type of violation channel reported – reported.

6. You are brought to tab new and please click Next.

7. Leave the video url in the report comments if you can’t find it.

8. In the report video, please select 1-5 videos channel reported a fatal violation.

9. Then scroll down and enter the name channel in reported comments.

10. Finally, fill out your complaint in an additional note and submit it.

11. The process is complete.

Here is a guide on how to report channel Youtube belongs to someone else. Hope it’s useful.

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