How to report hoax posts on Facebook

There are currently 4 social media outlets that are best known to the public, which are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. Of all these social media, Facebook is the social medium that has the most problems with fake news or hoaxes.

Elections will soon be held in Indonesia, and the name of the hoax will be very easy to find on Mark Zuckerberg’s social media. Those of you who play Facebook a lot must often come across some posts that smell like hoaxes.

Speaking of hoax issues on Facebook, you can actually report them. If you don’t know how to report it, you can listen to the tutorial below.


1. Sign in to your Facebook account.

2. Look for posts that smell like hoax.

3. When the article has been found, please click on the three horizontal dots.

4. Select Give feedback on this post.

5. Select Fake News – Send.

6. The process is complete.

For those of you who still doubt the truth of a message posted by someone else, it is a good idea to first learn to recognize the characteristics of fake news or hoaxes.

To learn it, you can use a website called. use Learn to be careful On the site, you can use the quiz to learn how to spot fake news. There are 5 quiz questions you need to answer and if your score is perfect you can be sure that you have spotted fake news.

This is a tutorial on reporting hoax posts on Facebook. Hope it’s useful.

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