How to Reply to Messages from Multiple Android Chat Apps

Surely you have relatives and family who use the application chat different isn’t it? Starting from WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, to Skype. Try to imagine how much time you spend checking and replying to messages from one application to another? Very ineffective right?

Well, for NS-make the most of your time, on this occasion will review how to reply to messages from many Android chat applications. Let’s see the explanation below.

How to Reply to Messages from Multiple Android Chat Apps

Now, with the development of chat applications today, more and more supporting applications appear or in other words additional applications to help facilitate users of the chat application, one of which is an application called DirectChat (ChatHeads for All).

DirectChat (ChatHeads for All) is an application that will save you time, which allows you to check notifications and reply to messages from various applications. chat in one application. Practical isn’t it?

The appearance of the incoming message is also really cool, in the form of a balloon or chat heads which will automatically display pop up as soon as a message comes in. Yes, just like in Messenger. You can download DirectChat (ChatHeads for All) for free on the Google Play Store.

Steps to Reply to Messages from Many Android Chat Apps:

The first step, download and install the application DirectChat (ChatHeads for All) on the Google Play Store.

Download DirectChat

second step, Open the app, then grant the requested app permissions in Notification access.

Third step, After that select config apps, then select Add to add more applications.

fourth step, You can also customize the chat appearance according to your needs, set various colors you like and transparency.

fifth step, Wait until something men-your chat, it will appear bubble chat like the picture below. Finished…

Well, that’s a review of How to Reply Messages from Many Android Chat Applications. If the explanation above is unclear, or you want to give us a recommendation, what article should we make next, please comment below, smart friend…

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