How to reply to chats with “Quotes” quotes in LINE Messenger groups

LINE always offers the latest features that are eagerly awaited by its users. One of the features that Line users are most interested in is the LINE SQUARE feature that instantly has more than 1000 members.

Then LINE now brings a new feature called the following feature Social media the other, namely Whatsapp, the feature that LINE derives from WhatsApp is the feature Reply to message Also known as replying to messages in the group, but this feature is welcomed by line users, making it easier for us to reply to a message in the group when the group is busy so we don’t have time to reply Chat Other.

Specialty Reply to message This is available in LINE application version 8.10.2 and above, and at the time of this writing, the latest version of LINE itself is 8.10.2.

How to reply to chats with “quotes” in LINE Messenger groups

1. Update LINE to the latest version, at least version 8.10.2, open your LINE Messenger application and find the group you want to reply to Chathis.

2. Then you are Tap and hold Bubble chat your friend.

3. Then a display as shown in the picture below will appear and you Tap answer or Answer.

4. Then column Chat They change like below if you don’t want to answer Chat that you can Tap at the cross at the top right, but if you want to answer Chat please keep writing your message or reply and send Chat the.

5. Then it looks like below

Remarks: If your friend’s version of the LINE application is lower than version 8.10.2, your friend will not be able to see the display as in the image above, so it is recommended that your friend update their version of the LINE application.

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