How to Repair Damaged Micro SD and Flash Disks

Have suffered damage Memory card or Flash disk, how Memory damaged, can not even be formatted illegible? In the following, the author gives tips and solutions for improvement Memory card the damaged (corruptt), cannot be formatted, cannot be recognized and data can be restored (recovery).

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Necessary tools:

  • PC or laptop with Windows operating system
  • Corrupted microSD or flash disk

Method 1: Returning data (Data recovery) On a micro SD / flash disk.

When you experience Micro SD or Flash disk suddenly corrupt and ask to be formatted, do not rush to format it, save your important data first.

The author guarantees that 99% of your data will be returned if you follow this method 1 with the terms reminder you are currently not formatted corrupt. However, if it continues in the format, your data will likely return 50% of only files with document, zip, picture, and video extensions.

1. Download software icare data recovery.

2. Install (if the internet connection is dead), select to register to enter the serial number.

3. In this iCare application there are 4 menus with the same functions, select “Format recovery”.

4. Wait for it to finish Looking for all your data in Reminder.

5. If so, tick all the data you want to save / restore, select “Save data”.

This method is very effective for recovering your data that was lost because it was deleted. Complete.

Method 2: repair Flash disk or Memory card that cannot be formatted

1. Connector Flash disk or Micro SD.

2. Click the button keyboard Window + R.

3. Then enter “compmgmt.msc“Click OK.

4. In the section storage, click Disk management.

5. Then right click on journey the name of the flash disk that you have and then select it Create partitions.

6. Right-click again, then select Format.


alternative software can use the Mini Partition Assistant software application to Flash disk, external hard drive and Micro SD or just for Micro SD Can use software MMC memory card format

Method 3: Repair unreadable flash or memory card

1. Check status journey on the computer.

2. Notice that there is no “E:” or drive journey extra when plugged in Flash disk to the computer.

3. Click the button keyboard Window + R.

4. Then enter “compmgmt.msc“Click OK.

5. In the Storage section, click Disk management.

6. Notice that there is journey with the name “WD_Backup”, but not marked with letters moves. journey that’s what we’ll need later to define the letters.

7. Right click on the panel journey that has no letters journey previously. Then choose “Change drive letters and paths”.

8. Click on “Add to” then select the letter journey from the list of available letters (do not use the letters “A”, “B” or “C”, use other letters that are still available or unused). Then click OK”.

9. Back to the panel Disk management when you finish adding letters journey which you choose.

10. Then open it “My computer” and see that journey seen.


Note: If how to fix Flash disk the above cannot and cannot be read, it is very likely Flash disk orMicro SD you have harm in hardware and it’s time you need to buy a new one :).

Method 3: Format memory card with SD formatter

1. Download software SD formatter and To install.

2. Select location Micro SD or Flash disk you want to format, done.

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